Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hey Everyone, 

These are just a few of the public postings, and one message received by company members, in response to our first few performances of Oxygen by Ivan Vyrypaev at Taffety Punk. We're trying to get people in the door so excuse me if I'm a bit shameless about putting these together to view in one place.  Most of these were posted publicly on the Oxygen event page on Facebook, directly onto my FB page, and one was a message to company members of the production.  

Please come see our show and share your experience with your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who might be interested in seeing it!  Go to for details.

- M

I felt like I [was] in the catacombs under the streets of Edinburgh.
It was a surreal sensation.
Am I really in washington?
Taffety Punk has created some high art!!
It's scary... 
- Victor Shargai, Chairman of the theatreWashington Board of Directors

There are so few places in town at which you can see work like this. Taffety Punk, Lise Bruneau, Mark Krawczyk, and Esther Williamson (and so many others, including Marcus Kyd) have made a demanding, brain-expanding, musical/poetic piece of theater that will stay with you for some time.
- Gwydion Suilebhan, playwright

Oxygen. Awesome Opening! You gotta see this show if you are in DC. 
- Christopher Ham, lighting designer

Oxygen is truly an amazing and thought provoking experience. The music, stage set and sheer talent of Ms. Williamson, Mr. [Krawczyk] accompanied by their "Chorus" the DJ Dan Crane is definitely "21st Century."
- Liane Kerry

I haven't worked out how/why exactly, but I saw the preview and it turned my brain into scrambled eggs and you should see it.
- John Stange, local DC actor

Thank you.  That show gives me hope for the state of modern theater.  It is what I want to see -- not because I know people in it, or feel loyalty to a company, or because this is what my social scene has become in the years since college.  All of the elements were awesome, and I am pleased to have spent my precious night off having that experience.  It's a genuinely creative piece that takes risks and gets uncomfortably in your face.  I wish that I could see it several more times, but will have to be content with being grateful that I was able to participate in it tonight.
- Anonymous friend in a message to members of Taffety Punk

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